"Wisdom Well Wednesday"
Mentor Sessions Videos
with MCC Colleen-Joy

Valuable quick Master Coach Questions & Answers about all things wisdom-based enlightenment related, from nondual enlightenment to accessing inner wisdom to heal.

Recordings of Zoom classes are posted each month.

Quick Helpful Master Coach Guidance

Sometimes all you need to take your next step in your wisdom path from Seeker to Seer to Sage is clarity, a new method, some warm supportive guidance and inspiration.

Colleen-Joy MCC and founder of InnerLifeSkills ACTP Master Coach Certification shares from decades of experience guiding guides.

Self-Realization is Service

When we embody wisdom, clear seeing and being our role as leader, guide and coach are enhanced.

Build Wisdom Wells

Wisdom has healing and transformative power. Learn to build your wisdom wells for yourself and others.

Invite Clear Seeing

Each Wisdom Well group invites the power of clear seeing and being; free beings from suffering.

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