QUALIFICATION 'ILS Master Coach Entrepreneur' — ICF ACTP MCC 2-YEAR ACCREDITED training.

Attend online classes to learn 60+ Coaching Processes + 111 Methods + 12 Specialties + Enneagram + Build a Unique Global Coach Brand. GAIN 213 HOURS ACTP.

What if you could build an international Master Life and Business Coach Business with our step-by step guidance?

  • BY WEEK 2: Start coaching within your first 2 weeks of attending a once a week online live class.
  • BY 6 MONTHS: Achieve ILS Professional Coach certification and start charging clients.
  • BY 1 YEAR: Have a coaching toolbox of 50+ InnerLifeSkills coaching processes, never be stuck in one niche or with a one dimensional coaching method - from systemic family coaching, to life purpose and business building coaching.
  • BY YEAR 1: Achieve ACTP certification with 9 coaching specialties under your belt - creating maximum possibilities and potential markets.
  • IN YEAR 2: Add our popular Enneagram Coaching Certification (with 20 hours ICF ACSTH) to offer Enneagram typing and Enneagram coaching to your professional services.
  • IN YEAR 2: Receive personal mentoring from Colleen-Joy with WhatsApp support and feedback, plus attend a monthly mastermind online live class... to help you to build your online global coaching brand, refine your unique coaching offer, find your niche markets and build an online marketing system to attract your ideal clients to you.

With skills and accredited methods to coach individuals and teams, to work with ANY coaching niche market, and never be limited by a one dimensional coaching toolbox or method. Offer a range of coaching services and attract your ideal clients.

We accept 15 new Master Life and Business Coach Entrepreneur students twice a year, to attend our internationally accredited, ONLINE LIVE InnerLifeSkills ILS MASTER COACH ENTREPRENEUR ACTP Certification course.

Are you a natural coach, consultant or therapist looking to build a strong online global coaching business, with heart and soul?

If you're inspired to make a difference in the world AND make a successful living as a master coach with an online coaching business, then this ICF accredited ACTP (highest accreditation) 213 hour master certification course may be for you.

ILS Master Coach Entrepreneur ACTP

Think about how many people are looking for help right now in different coaching markets.

From people wanting to be coached to:

  • find purpose,
  • improve relationships,
  • find their Enneagram type,
  • build home based businesses,
  • overcome fear,
  • build confidence,
  • change careers,
  • help their business teams boost morale,
  • be more effective managers,
  • increase productivity and manage their time better,
  • find inspiring goals and make them a reality,
  • lose weight,
  • have a healthy lifestyle
  • and many more...

People are also looking for accountability partners, someone to be there for them! And that's where you come in as a professional coach.

Did you know that over 100,000 people a month in the USA on Google (according to Semrush) search the word "Work from Home" and 2000 people a month are looking for an "online life coach" 10,000 a month for "Life Purpose" and 300,000 a month are looking for "Enneagram Tests" - these are just a few of the opportunities out there.

What does this mean for you?

We want to make sure that you can work in any coaching niche (from corporate executive coaching to business coaching, life coaching to youth coaching, even your own ) and be able to offer dozens of different coaching services...

  • from goals and action plans,
  • to decision making,
  • life purpose,
  • relationship building,
  • team coaching,
  • wellness coaching,
  • Enneagram typing,
  • confidence boosting,
  • inner obstacles - beating fear and procrastination,
  • family systemic coaching,
  • business building,
  • presentation brainstorming,
  • transforming inner financial barriers to abundance, etc.

We teach you all of these and more so that you can explore and find the markets you love serving and find the coaching services you love offering.

Many of our students change their minds about the kind of coaching they want to offer while they are learning, and some are not clear until they actually start earning income as a coach, so we feel that it's critically important for you to have all doors open.

Don't you agree?

Even if you don't choose to train with InnerLifeSkills please do make sure that you aren't limited in the types of coaching you can offer just because of the training you do.

Picture this...

  • Offering professional life and business coaching online to clients around the world.
  • Being free to coach from anywhere, even work from home.
  • Having flexible working hours because you get to choose when you coach.
  • Because of being trained in 12 specialties, have the flexibility to change markets and offer new coaching products whenever you want to.
  • Offering Enneagram Typing and Enneagram Coaching as a way to personalize your clients journey with you.
  • Facilitating many unique coaching processes that other non InnerLifeSkills Coaches don't have.
  • Coaching individuals and groups.
  • Attracting your ideal clients with on online marketing system that is far easier to build than a big website.
  • Making a difference while you make a living!

Be Inspired. Watch the last 5 minutes of a recent ILS Professional Coach Certification Program class.

See what students from around the world say about their experience with InnerLifeSkills.

Would you like to have...

  • An ILS Master Coach Entrepreneur Certificate with 213 hours ICF ACTP accreditation? This is a highly sought after and internationally recognized.
  • Over 60 unique Coaching Processes in your toolbox, with ready to use worksheets and scripts?
  • A fast track to your ICF coaching credentialing? ILS Master Coach Entrepreneur is an ACTP ICF accredited certificate.
  • An online client attracting marketing system?
  • Personal guidance and feedback from Colleen-Joy and other Master Coaches who have built successful international coaching businesses? Learn from others who are already there!

According to our research and experience, aspiring Master Coaches builders struggle with having limited one dimensional or generic coaching toolboxes, not being able to easily change niche markets, not knowing how to attract their ideal clients and inability to customize coaching services.

The Status Quo Coaching Business path:

  1. Limited Generic Toolboxes - The coaching market is filled with one dimensional and generic coaching methods. These can still offer value, but we've found that long term this is a problem because clients don't want to hear the same scripts over and over again, and coaches feel frustrated by the limitations of their toolbox.
  2. Limited Niche Market Opportunities - Be careful not to be boxed in by niche coaching, like only training to be a "LIFE COACH" or "WELLNESS COACH" or "EXECUTIVE COACH" because markets can dry up, economies change, you might find you don't really love a market as much as you hoped. We suggest you train for all markets, so that you can change if and when needed.
  3. Not knowing how to attract clients - Some coach training includes marketing and business building, and these usually include traditional approaches like telling you to network, build a content based website, use social media, build a database from offering talks etc. This can and does work, BUT (and this is a big issue) it can take years. Plus there is a risk that you invest heavily in these methods and then find out they don't work because you didn't find the right market or coaching product to offer... we prefer a simpler, low-tech, "test-it-first" approach.
  4. No customization - Because many coaching methodologies are mostly generic and can be rigid, what happens is that coaches offer similar "off the shelf" services. This can work some of the time, but like anything generic you are competing with a lot of similar products and can't charge premium rates for coaching that people can get anywhere. That's why we feel it's really important to be able to create customized services - to be able to create coaching products on the fly.

The InnerLifeSkills Business Coaching Approach:

  1. Comprehensive Unique Toolboxes - We've worked hard to refine and create a massive and unique coaching toolbox for you, so that you are never restricted. In fact when students start with us they might even be a little overwhelmed by the 60+ coaching processes they learn - not to worry, that's why we also include ready to use worksheets and scripts to make it easier, and you'll practice your coaching processes in your online live classes so that you feel confident and capable.
  2. Unlimited Niche Market Opportunities - We built our InnerLifeSkills Coaching Methodology like LEGO PIECES so that you could easily adapt your coaching to ANY NICHE MARKET, from LIFE COACH" or "WELLNESS COACH" or "EXECUTIVE COACH" or even discover your own market. E.g. Sharni Quinn one of our coaches combines YOGA instruction with Life Coaching and Wellness Coaching. And Eduan Pieterse combines his motivational talks and empowerment models with InnerLifeSkills Coaching methods.
  3. Proven simple client attract systems- Rather than build a costly marketing system that can take years to get working well, we prefer a simpler, low-tech (literally you need to start with one online landing page), "test-it-first" approach that we call the 7 Step Dream Builder Method. This way you start small, and low-risk and organically grow your client attracting system.
  4. Full customization potential - It's really important to be able to create customized services - to be able to create coaching products on the fly. That means that you could be chatting to a potential client (online, on email or in person) and based on what you hear they really need, you custom build an offer for them immediately and make the offer. This is incredibly powerful and works very well. But you can only do this if you toolbox and coaching method is flexible, Lego-like! Which InnerLifeSkills Coaching is.

ILS Master Coach Entrepreneur ACTP

ILS Master Coach Entrepreneur Coach Certification ACTP Program

34 weeks (as 2 classes per week) or over 1 year (as 1 class per week). Log in from any device and attend the online live classes with our trainer and classmates. Practice coaching with each other and receive personal attention from the trainer in class.
  • Become a Professional Level qualified Coach.
  • Learn 111 Life Coach and Business Coaching techniques.
  • Empower others to transform their inner obstacles and find their inner wealth the InnerLifeSkills way.
  • Learn to coach these topics: goals, relationships, wholeness, intuition, family dynamics, purpose, business building and more.
For Enlightened Business Builder attend our online webinars 1 per month for 12 months . Work through easy-to-use online self-study video tutorials that guide you step by step to build your life coach business.
Plus receive invaluable ongoing access to Colleen-Joy for feedback, guidance and mentoring to build your lasting coaching business.
  • Develop inspired ideas for your business which you test using Colleen-Joy’s “Idea Generator” method.
  • Then test your coaching service ideas using her “5 Idea Acid Tests” to make sure your coaching business ideas are solid.
  • Receive guidance to find 2-3 niche markets, then test your markets in an easy way.
  • After your testing phase use, Colleen-Joy’s 5 Dream Builder Spirals to build products for your market.
  • Never feel alone… move through each spiral, with personalized feedback and guidance on every step.
  • Learning to coach business, brand, product and service planning and development.
ILS Enneagram Coach 5 weeks duration. Attend 5 x 3 hours online webinars.
  • 8 Step Narrative Enneagram Typing Method to use immediately.
  • The unique ILS 3 Personality Pearls Method to avoid embarrassing mistyping.
  • The 9 Polarities Enneagram coaching method to declutter and simplify the Enneagram.
  • Our ILS Kite method to empower your clients to rise to their full potential by coaching the Enneagram map for growth.
  • Understand the Enneagram Subtypes in just 10 minutes.
  • Tips and guidance to market yourself as an Enneagram Coach.
  • COACH PACK - Enneagram Coach online pack - with coaching processes, Manual, ready to use worksheets, infographic cards.
  • ONLINE RESOURCES - A library of tutorial videos, downloadable worksheets and notes.
  • ASSESSMENTS - Online theory assessment and submit a practical audio recording of an ILS Enneagram Coach typing session.

11 Courses included in your program:

  1. ILS Coach 101
  2. ILS Apple Tree Enneagram 101
  3. ILS Professional Coach
  4. ILS Intuition Coaching
  5. ILS Personal Power Coaching
  6. ILS Relationship Coaching
  7. ILS Systemic Coaching
  8. ILS Dream Builder Coaching
  9. ILS Purpose Coaching
  10. ILS Enneagram Coach
  11. ILS Enlightened Business Builder (EBB)
Coach Specializations:
  • Life + Business + Executive
  • + Corporate + Youth + Career
  • + Your Unique Brand of Coaching + Wellness + Personal growth
  • + Wealth + Relationship + Enneagram Coaching
Listen to actual recorded coaching sessions
  • + 50 hrs Video Tutorials
  • + 70 PDF Worksheets

Courses Included with Purchase

'The Apple Tree' 3 Step Online Client Attracting System
For Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Service Businesses helping you to attract your ideal clients ONLINE in an authentic, heart & soul way.
CERTIFICATION 'ILS Enneagram Coach' — ICF ACCREDITED training.
Attend 5 online classes. Offer in-demand Typing Sessions + Enneagram Coaching, without needing unreliable tests. GAIN 20 HOURS ICF ACSTH + CCE.
CERTIFICATION 'ILS Intuition Coach' — ICF ACCREDITED training.
Attend 3 online classes, learn to coach clients to find life-changing inner guidance, AHA moments and wisdom. GAIN 16 HOURS ICF ACSTH + CCE.
1 Course Bundle
CERTIFICATION 'ILS Personal Power Life Coach' — ICF ACCREDITED training.
Attend 3 online classes, learn to coach clients to claim their wholeness, find inner strength and be confidently equal to life. GAIN 16 HOURS ICF ACSTH + CCE.
CERTIFICATION 'ILS Relationship Life Coach' — ICF ACCREDITED training.
Attend 3 online classes, learn to coach clients to build successful, whole relationships + learn the Enneagram of relationships. GAIN 15 HOURS ICF ACSTH + CCE.
CERTIFICATION 'ILS Systemic Life Coach' — ICF ACCREDITED training.
Attend 3 online classes, learn to coach clients to hand back family and collective baggage, to restore healthy flow. GAIN 13 HOURS ICF ACSTH + CCE.
CERTIFICATION 'ILS Purpose Life Coach' — ICF ACCREDITED training.
Attend 3 online classes, learn to coach clients to find their inspiring 'Apple Tree' purpose, to 'Be all they were born to be'. GAIN 14 HOURS ICF ACSTH + CCE.
1 Course Bundle
CERTIFICATION 'ILS Dream Builder Life Coach' — ICF ACCREDITED training.
Attend 3 online classes, learn to coach clients to build their dream inspiring business and purposeful brand. GAIN 14 HOURS ICF ACSTH + CCE.
CERTIFICATION 'ILS Apple Tree Enneagram 101' — ICF ACCREDITED training.
Discover Your Enneagram Blueprint + Apple Tree Purpose, Intuition & Wholeness. GAIN 12 HOURS ICF ACSTH + CCE.
1 Course Bundle
CERTIFICATION 'ILS Life & Business Coach 101' — ICF ACCREDITED training.
Attend 3 online classes for all you need to start working as a Life & Business Coach. GAIN 14 HOURS ICF ACSTH + CCE. Coach Anyone, Anywhere to Any Goal.
ILS PRO COACH: Module 1 Great Goals with ASSIGNMENT
9 Course Bundle
ILS PRO COACH: Module 2 Pro Planning with ASSIGNMENT
3 Course Bundle
ILS PRO COACH: Module 3 Coaching Obstacles with ASSIGNMENT
InnerLifeSkills Trainer Team
ILS PRO COACH: Module 4 Coaching Purpose with ASSIGNMENT
2 Course Bundle
ILS PRO COACH: Module 5 Coaching Action with ASSIGNMENT
2 Course Bundle
ILS PRO COACH: Module 6 Coaching Time with ASSIGNMENT
2 Course Bundle
ILS PRO COACH: Coach Applications
InnerLifeSkills Trainer Team
ILS PRO COACH: Coach Builder
InnerLifeSkills Trainer Team

Original Price: $82

Your Instructor


If you have a love for empowering and enlightening, yourself and others, then Colleen-Joy's courses, books and PDFs are here to serve you. Colleen-Joy is an ICF MCC credentialled Coach and has taught over 900 presentations on stages and in boardrooms globally.

She guides visionaries to make a success at making a difference. Over 35,000 people have already benefited from her teachings. Her InnerLifeSkills® qualification courses have the highest ICF ACTP accreditation, which means that by studying Colleen's courses, you gain credibility and world-class skills.

You may recognize her from many television expert guest appearances or 2 TV documentaries about her life.

When Colleen-Joy isn't teaching, leading her team of expert trainers or writing—you'll find her driving her muddy 4x4 out to breathtaking places—where the horizon bends and animals roam free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and finish?
~ LIVE WEEKLY CLASSES ~ Classes take place live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. A full schedule will be provided upon enquiry. ~ ONLINE VIDEOS + PDF's ~ After enrolling you'll have access to all of the ONLINE resources. Training videos, downloadable PDF worksheets, so that if you want to jump right in and start learning you can. Otherwise, wait for your weekly classes to start where your trainer will guide you.
What times are the live classes?
WEEKLY CLASS TIMES SA Johannesburg: 18h00 - 21h00 and 22h00 Europe Paris: 18h00 - 21h00 and 22h00* USA Los Angeles: 09h00 - 12h00 and 13h00* USA New York: 12h00 - 15h00 and 16h00* UK London: 17h00 - 20h00 and 21h00* *Please adjust if Daylight Savings. ​Check other times zones. A full schedule is provided upon enrollment.
Aren't online classes cold and boring?
Not the way we offer them. Our students tell us how shocked they are to prefer our online classes to venue based classes. We keep the classes warm, very practical (you even work with your fellow students in breakout rooms to practice your coaching skills and processes) - this makes our online live classes very enjoyable. Look at our Online Classes information page https://www.innerlifeskills.com/about-online-classes/
How do assessments work?
For this course, you complete 8 online theory assessments and 4 practical assessments, submit audio recordings of coaching sessions for your practical assessments.
Will I be able to teach Coaches after this course?
No. If you want to acquire a license to train any InnerLifeSkills Coaching courses, you will need to complete our ILS Trainer Program. You must be qualified as an ILS Master Coach first. With this ILS Master Coach Entrepreneur course certification, you can facilitate coaching processes for individuals or groups.
Is there space in the next class?
We book these classes up to a year in advance, so once you send in your enrollment form, we will be able to let you know if there is space. If the next group is full, we can reserve you a place in a future course.

InnerLifeSkills Master Coach Entrepreneur Certification Prices

What you'll receive:

  • CLASSES - Access to attend the 51 online classes LIVE with trainer and classmates.
  • COACH PACKS - Online coaching pack - 12 coaching specialties, 50+ coaching processes, Manuals, ready to use coaching worksheets, coaching infographic cards.
  • ONLINE RESOURCES - A library of tutorial videos, downloadable worksheets and notes.
  • ASSESSMENTS - Online theory assessments + practical assessments (send in recordings of your coaching to be assessed).
  • CERTIFICATION - ILS Master Coach Entrepreneur 213 hours ACTP ICF certification.

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ILS Master Coach Entrepreneur ACTP

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